Your Health is your Wealth

Eating high quality, freshly packed wholefoods keeps you well by providing your body:

    • Complete Proteins – for cell growth and repair
    • High quality lipids that are easily turned into energy and that transport vitamins and minerals around the body
    • Complex Carbohydrates – to sustain you: provide you with long-lasting energy, digest cleanly and that have more…
    • Fibre – Vital for gut health: for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels (which reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes) and happiness
  • The Vitamins and Minerals we all need to thrive

That’s why we have a great range of the best, hand picked, quality wholefood at the very best prices. And because wholefood is less refined with less additives it’s simply better for you.

So it’s easy to eat healthily with wholefood delivered straight to your door or picked up from our St Albans market stall or shop.

So take advantage of free national delivery on light orders over £40 (and under 1.6Kg), standard orders over £65 (and under 8.3Kg) and bulk orders orders over £100 (and up to 12.5Kg) and all St Albans orders over £40 (no weight restrictions)


and the team

Why buy from us

Afford to eat well.

With people generally living longer many of us are realising that we cannot afford not to eat well. Spending a little extra on good quality food pays for itself with better vitality, stronger immunity and a happier life. Because we buy in bulk and have a high turnover we can afford to keep the prices low and make the healthiest food available to as many people as possible.

Only the best.

You deserve the best and to trust the source of what you eat. We source from only the best suppliers so we know that the produce is fresh and hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse or packets for months or years.
The quality and freshness of our food is something you can taste. Sunshine Inside™ Guaranteed.

Award winning service.

In 2017 we celebrate 40 years of supplying quality wholefoods. We pride ourselves in giving you quality service and have been voted by customers as best of our St. Albans market trader category in 2010 and 2015 and in 2010 we were also voted best overall retailer of the year in St. Albans.

Sunshine Inside™

When dealing with produce much of which comes from overseas it can be difficult to be sure that it was produced and traded ethically. The produce you get from us comes from companies that have strong beliefs and good standards of responsibility.

Where to find us

St. Albans Market

Visit our stall on St. Albans market every Saturday and Wednesday. Chat with us about recipes, life and and the weather, buy some healthy food and some yummy snacks and then, maybe, browse around the beautiful historic city of St. Albans.

St. Albans Shop

If you are near St. Albans, UK, come and visit our shop on Hatfield Road. There you can browse though the shelves and have a chat. There is on-street parking and good transport links and it’s not far from the historic town centre of St. Albans.

Online Shop

Most of our product range is available online. We stock mostly everything for a healthy diet and lifestyle. With free national delivery on orders over £30 (less than 5Kg) and all orders over £75 this can be a really good way to stock up on regular essentials and specialty items.

Want free UK National delivery…?

on LIGHT orders over £40 (under 1.6kg)
on STANDARD orders over £65 (under 8.3kg)
on BULK orders over £100 (up to 12.5kg)>/p>

Want free Local St Albans delivery (in AL1-5 & SG1 postcode districts)…?

on all LOCAL orders over £40 (no weight restrictions)

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