Summer orchard’s Green Leaf Pesto

It’s warm now. The first flush of spring flowers is over.

Apples are growing plumper, though it’s been a cold spring; cold nights forced flowers to hold onto their nectaries. This in turn led to a longer flowering for many plants.

The pea family are now fruiting too and it’s the turn of clover: buttercups and the smaller meadow-flowers who provide nectar for meadow browns and small tortoiseshells.

The food we prepared tonight included a green leaf pesto:

A cup of parsley leaves
A cup of rocket
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves
a large grating of sea salt

Blended into a green puree this complimented rice and quinoa pasta, prepared for young E. We ate it with bread and cheese after a soup made with vegetables from a local farm shop. This suited the evening when temperatures dropped and E made for the indoors.

I don’t mind the pesto on my shirt, care of E finishing her meal and playing with the pasta. Just being able to think that she is free and healthy is all that matters.

I didn’t realise the shorts I’m wearing are eight years old…

What was the land like when your ancestors trod the earth?
What was the land like when your ancestors trod the earth?

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