I’ve been Humbled…

…by the last 4 1/2 days of living without water.

The plumber, a legend in our household now, started at 4.30 on mending 3 burst pipes. 2 of them had been caused by me, in order to expose the pipe that was leaking…but you ask any pro builder about water…

…They say, “don’t mess!”
Water finds the path of least resistance, and when I tot up how much surface area was causing the plumber 3 hours of solid, patient work, it amounts to about 1/2²centimeter.

About the size of your small fingernail.
And that’s all it took to close off our water supply so that we could not wash (hair), bathe, clean dishes, clean clothes, heat the house…

It’s been so cold in the house for these 4 days. I feel like I’ve eaten twice as much in the evenings, just to keep my body temperature.

Don’t get me on to a toilet, that’s not been flushed for a day and a half…I’m grateful I have cooperative neighbours who could provide us with a bucket of water.
What if They didn’t have running water!?
The amount of shit in a toilet mulitplies horrifically!

So that’s my dystopian view of 2016. However, having no running water for sanitation is about 39% of the world’s lot; According to the World Health Organisation “…2.6 billion people or 39 per cent of the world’s population live without access to improved sanitation. The vast majority live in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.”

However, does that mean most are living in poverty. No, because some of that percentage has access to clean running water. But, think of the world around you with no running water, so you have to walk down the street to get your drinking and washing water, and then heat it, maybe…

So I’ve been humbled to the point where I’ve actually felt ecstasy from receiving water through a tap. It was a giddying experience, after the plumber’s third (patient) attempt (!) at turning on the mains without a leak…which this time it worked so that during my elation I felt like a demigod of power when I was filling a bath.

It’s been an absolutely humanising experience. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been Humbled…

  1. Hi Pat. Thanks for the article, a nice read 🙂

    Have you heard of the humanure handbook by joseph jenkins. This could provide you with some information regarding the old water toilet and possibly offer an alternative next time our water stops or we stop getting water!

    Peace, love and breathe

    1. Hi Sam. Thanks for the information. I will look out for a copy. Does it contain information about grey water? Now our system is fixed I’d like to find out more about recycling the water we use.
      Breathe, indeed!
      Love, peace and laughter 😂☮️💓

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