War on Reason

My thoughts on food shortages. From the pattern I see forming; That a leaning to right-wing politics has created a voice for the few, and not the masses.


Like the Venezuelan’s government, in the same way as Breitbart, alt-right, Brexit has shown denial. And the social media campaigns they’ve used all have the same tone of There’s Nothing Wrong With Discrimination, betrays common practice.

The lies from the powerful body of government shown in this report tell me that during a food crises, some governments will deny their country’s people food. They will literally starve their own people.

Never mind the reasons they’d do this and focus on self-reliance. Besides becoming informed and acting politically, putting down your social media to be with the world and community around you is the best way to learn about yourself and become reliant on your skills.

Food shortages may never happen to you; Like the rising sea levels don’t flood and remove you from your home (NB Displacement of people is a reality.)

Learn to cook: Learn to grow your own food…

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