We are each different. We each have unique needs from the foods we eat. We also all share many threads in common with how our ancestors lived and how our bodies have evolved. My blog ranges from recipes for the body and spirit and information about health to how eating food can help our balance within the modern world.

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Vitamins 101

Vitamins 101

(or a basic guide to vitamins)

I think everybody should understand the importance of vitamins in healthy functioning of the body. Why it isn’t taught in depth within school curriculum is beyond many nutritionists.

Books are...

Being well in winter

January is a time when there is naturally less fresh food.

It’s a time when we naturally turn in and rest in warmth; Sleep and meditation are on the cards as the weather keeps seeds back from germinating. Housework...

War on Reason

My thoughts on food shortages. From the pattern I see forming; That a leaning to right-wing politics has created a voice for the few, and not the masses.

Like the Venezuelan’s government,...

I’ve been Humbled…

…by the last 4 1/2 days of living without water.

The plumber, a legend in our household now, started at 4.30 on mending 3 burst pipes. 2 of them had been caused by me, in order to expose the pipe that was leaking…but you...

All I Want for Xmas…

…is running water.

First thing I do is grab a bottle of clean, crisp water. Until I turn the mains back on from a little well in the pavement this is the only source of water there is.

Secondly, after...

Why Choose Health?

It’s easy to overlook and undervalue our relationship with food. Modern methods of mass production has brought slick branding to factory made foods. What’s often sold now is the look of a product, rather than it’s qualities....

Raw Avocado Mousse

This is a perfectly indulgent dish made with simple ingredients.
It takes only moments to make. However saturated this is, the fats will burn off easily if you walk regularly or train...or are carrying a baby.

Watch out for...

On Chewing Well

Why is it important to chew our food well?

A customer - a lady in her 70s - talked with me about how difficult it was to digest food, and she went to food as a comfort whilst watching the "...

Summer's dryness

A dry heat in British summertime is welcome from the damp days of this year.

One aspect of Indian food I greatly appreciate is a dry flavour during warm weather. It cools my system, and with this recipe fills me...

These words...

...must have been used by many a food writer <p>I will display ☺<p>

Slow down, pay attention...

...keep that which piques your senses
close to your consciousness

Continuity with bean recipes

It's summer time and warming beans with chilli isn't what my taste buds or belly want.
So now black-eyed beans are coming into their own; With their nuttiness and their light quality, these beans absorb flavours really well.

Raw Carrot,...

Are roasted and salted nuts too salty for you?

At this time of year my body feels like rejecting foods that are too sweet: too salty, too skinny, too big a portion...and I'm feeling lucky to have a warm belly...

But it's really easy to roast nuts in...

Vegan Walnut and Chestnut Pâté en Croute

This is a classic dish, inspired by Wendy Cook's marvelous recipe from her original book, "The Biodynamic Cookbook".

It's a time to celebrate family and the turning of dark days towards the light and my favourite Xmas dish to bake...

Winter Venison Chuck Hotpot

A combination of flavours to suit the beef-like flavour of venison, a rich, succulent meat when fresh, and here in Hertfordshire, there is a problem with deer: They eat the secondary tree growth which means that there are no trees...

Cold weather, warm food

Standing on a market stall, selling foods to young: old, rich and poor, is unpleasant when the windchill factor is minus 8˚C.

But, what I stock can be made into the warmest foods.

Here's something I rustled together whilst licking...

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

It's summer...though temperatures reached no more than 14˚C today in St. Albans, U.K. A warming soup was in order.

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup
Serves 4

2 medium Onions, chopped
1 small, fresh Pumpkin
2 organic Sweet Potatoes
1 1/2 ltr. Vegetable Stock
1 cup...

Summer orchard's Green Leaf Pesto

It's warm now. The first flush of spring flowers is over.

Apples are growing plumper, though it's been a cold spring; cold nights forced flowers to hold onto their nectaries. This in turn led to a longer flowering for many...



  1. a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

Customers come...

Thai Tempeh Curry

Takes 25 minutes
Serves 3 hungry people

10 Garlic Cloves
250g Button Mushrooms
1 Green Pepper
1/3 cup extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 block defrosted Tempeh
1 tin Coconut Milk
2 dstsp Thai Herbs see

On St. Albans market...

...every Wednesday and Saturday I have a sense of community.

a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
"Montreal's Italian community"
synonyms: group, section, body, company,...

On staying centered...

...enjoying the experience of diversity.

We live surrounded by monocultures: There is little scope for nature to be expansive. We can say this of our own experience, if we don't allow life in.

It struck me... I read an email from a friend; often depressed because of how our society is driven by the free market economy, that there is a lot of work to do in order to attain homeostasis on the planet.

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