Beans & Peas

If you don’t know how to cook a bean from scratch, then you’ve not tasted the best beans and peas. And they can be made simply using some of the recipes on the bosses blog.

So many healthy recipes rely on beans or peas. Some beans and peas can be sprouted. This improves their nutrient load. Some need cooking, but then the beans or peas tender to be more easily digested for their protein, complex carbohydrates and valuable vegetable fiber. Each different bean and pea has a different flavour. Bring out the flavours with marigold bouillon, summer savory or hot and smokey chipotle chillies!

They really aren’t difficult to prepare. Once you have the basics of how to cook beans, you can have a nourishing and affordable source of high class protein at hand.

Next time you eat hummus, why not challenge yourself to try a recipe with the humble chick pea, tahini, garlic, lemon juices…and make a better one!

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