Whether sweet or savoury, our condiments are perfect for making sauces, dips and dressings. Condiment comes from the latin “to pickle”, one important way our ancestors preserved the harvest.

If you’ve not tried your own dressings for salad use tamari, tahini and cold pressed unfiltered olive oil. It’s easy to do and makes boring plain salad something you can look forward to, every day. The soluble fibres in salad, nuts, seeds and wholegrains are what keep our gut flora healthy.

Keeping sunshine inside food is also done by sun-drying, dehydration, smoking and freeze drying. These all keep the nutrients as best they can. Other ways of preserving include smoking. This naturally suits our smoked paprika and chipotle morita chillies which suit all manner of tomato dishes, soups, stews…for which the good Biona passata is brilliant for.

Our condiments are palm fat free and many are gluten free. Biona, Meridian and Marigold brands have excellent selection of ingredients.


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