We have a great hand-picked range of condiments. Whether sweet or savoury, they are perfect on their own or used in sauces, dips, dressings and other recipes. The word ‘condiment’ comes from the latin “to pickle”, one important way our ancestors preserved the harvest.

If you’ve never tried making you own salad dressings then your in for a pleasant surprise. It’s easy to do and makes a boring plain salad something you can really look forward to every day. Just take 1 and half tablespoons of cold pressed unfiltered olive oil, add 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar, and season to taste. To make your dressing really exotic add a teaspoon of tamari or light or dark tahini. Try adding nuts, seeds and wholegrains to the salad too. Salads contain lots of soluble fibre which help keep our gut flora healthy.

Keeping the sunshine inside food is also done by sun-drying, dehydration, smoking and freeze drying. All these preserving methods reduce the nutrient loss to the minimum. Smoking naturally suits our smoked paprika and chipotle morita chillies which combined well with Biona passata to make wonderful tomato dishes, soups and stews.

All our condiments are palm oil free and many are gluten free. Biona, Meridian and Marigold brands have excellent selection of ingredients.

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