Dried Fruit & Veg

Our dried fruit & veg, whether it’s a simple prune, date, pruneour sun-dried tomatoes or apricot, is something we’re proud to stock. Nothing in wholefoods cooking disappoints more than low quality, “tired” dried fruit found in many supermarkets. This is why we buy fresh, pack quickly, and sell at a good price. You have the Eat Wholefoods guarantee on that!

We stock rarities like pear and peach. There’s no sugar added to our mango, mulberries (if you’ve not tried them and have a sweet-tooth, these are a must!), nor any of our other dried fruits. Why taint something that’s perfect!?

We have plenty of ideas for how to use our mineral rich fruit. One is to blend dates as a natural sweetener for smoothies. They also add a great flavour and boost the iron intake of your favourite breakfast.

You can rely on our products to be high quality and good value, whichever you want, sunshine inside!

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