Grains, such as buckwheat, rice, millet, barley, oats and wheat are a staple for all of humanity. They contain the vital elements of vitamins and minerals that our body thrives on.

There are over thousands of different species of the common grains like barley, millet, oat, rye and wheat which are members of the grass family. Even more specialised grains such as buckwheat has about 750 species, quinoa, 120 and amaranth around 70 species. These figures go to show the diversity of the grain family. And this is just a few of them!

During the ages human civilisation has bred and cultivated grains for mass production. Also, we should, as with our diets, be concerned that we continue to grow high quality and sustainable crops to ensure global food security. If you don’t recognise that this is an important issue, remember that we’ve had to collect species from around the world and store their seeds at the Svalbard Seed Bank so that the decreasing number of species of plants around the world through massive developments of agricultural industry, is not lost and we can preserve diversity for future generations.

So chose our high grade grains, beans and pulses to keep you, your family and future generations well.

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