BioHealth are a British company who produce high strength and licensed supplements that work. Their one-a-day supplement has no fillers – nor do any of their other preparations – so you are guaranteed high standards throughout their range.

With our 40 years of experience in the wholefoods business, we offer expert advice on supplementation, and are not here to push pills, but to keep you and your family well with information specifically for you.

But don’t just ask us! The team at BioHealth are always happy to answer questions on their products which range from the high-strength vitamin and mineral range, to the more refined and valuable herbal range. Herbs are a great way to help the body stay well by enhancing hormonal responses, aiding the body adapt to pathogens and internal physical changes. Do see our herbal tea range to find out more.

As for affordability, a comprehensive supplement plan can cost as little as 10 pence per day.


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