Herbal Teas: Green teas and black teas have many subtle elements, individually unique, that can aid us in our choice to stay healthy.
Health, through drinking teas, comes from the promotion and the production of hormones and other metabolic systems found in every cell in our body.

There is an age old use of herbal teas all around the world. They come packaged in the information found in a pharmacopoeia, or pharmacopeia, which is the list of known properties found in herbs in certain parts of the world.
American Pharmacopoeia
European Pharmacopoeia
African Pharmacopoeia
Chinese Pharmacopoeia
Indian Pharmacopoeia
South American Pharmacopoeia…wait the diversity of species must not be written down, such is the complexity of herbal teas.

Green tea, and black, come from but one plant, that has taken over much of the sub-tropical regions in Asia. From one plant, the Camellia sinenses, comes all the varieties of green teas and the fermented black teas, on the planet.

All the material presented here is based on traditional and published sources of knowledge. Any information is not given as advice, and St. Albans Wholefoods through Eatwholefoods (trading name) accepts no responsibility for the use to which the products are put and to the effects thereof.

The botanicals are laboratory tested for identification and compliance with the British and European pharmacopoeia standards. Microbiological analysis is carried out on all batches of culinary herbs and spices. There is a full batch traceability.

All our herb teas are packed in an environment which contains peanuts, celery seeds, mustard and other allergens.

All of us have tolerances for herbal teas. Sometimes they won’t suit our needs and we may have a reaction, though this is rare.
If you have any conditions or take any medications indicated by this flyer then this tea is not for you, or at least consult your medical doctor before using this ancient herb.
If you aren’t indicated in the precautions but experience any dizziness, nausea, cramps, or any other symptom you feel unwell after drinking the tea, stop drinking it.

May you enjoy this tea without any side effects and make it a part of your clean living plan.

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