Before the development of modern pharmaceuticals people might have consulted a traditional herbalist for relief from a multitude of medical conditions. In fact, taking herbs, in the form of teas, for health and well-being has actually been part of our culture for millennia. The medicinal use of many common herbs were documented by Roman scholars and some have been found in Egyptian and prehistoric burial sites.

Traditional herbal medicine embraces many layers of healing within the body. Herbs have subtle effects on our hormones which control our behaviour and each herb has its own particular role to play for each individual. Used wisely, herbs create homeostasis and balance within the body. That said, herbs can be immensely potent and, in addition, we are all individual with individual needs, which is why seeking help from a trained practitioner is always ideal.

All the herbs we stock are laboratory tested for identification and compliance with the British and European pharmacopoeia standards. Whilst we are very careful to keep allergens away from our herbs and herbal teas, they are packed in an environment which contains peanuts, celery seeds, mustard, wheat, gluten, soya, sesame and nuts so unfortunately we cannot guarantee they contain none of these allergens.

Some of our herbal teas are very potent indeed. Please read the precautions on their pages. We have prepared a booklet with our herbal teas, their range of uses and any precautions that it is sensible to take with them.

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