Blonde Salted Caramel Chocolate Almonds


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These beautifully different blonde salted caramel chocolate almonds melt in your mouth!
The contrast of the crunchy almond and the toffee sweetness is moreish…they make you want more

They are made from high quality ingredients from the same supplier of Hotel Chocolat. Blonde salted caramel chocolate almonds are really exquisit.

They are amazing as a snack whenever you need a boost of energy or a pick-me-up during your day. They can also be enjoyed as a topping to your favorite dessert. These are our staffs personal favorite. And, so, whilst they are covered in chocolate, life’s a balance, right!? Eat sparingly and enjoy!

I’m keen on eating on leisurely trying these with a cup of fine coffee, but I never get the chance for leisure in the working day! But I am a keen cook and have seen this cake recipe that I’ll have to try.

I usually go for the dark chocolate pistachios we have. I think dark chocolate is a little more virtuous, but as a market trader sometimes simple energy foods see me through my day.


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