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Cacao Kapow! is a instant superfood smoothie mix for natural energy. Just add milk, blend and enjoy. High in natural sugars and complete vegetable proteins, Cacao Kapow!, with its intense chocolate flavour and toffee aftertaste, is a carefully formulated blend of vitamins, minerals, complete proteins and complex sugars to keep you going for hours. Enjoy slowly, savouring every natural mouthful.


Cautions: This product contains natural sugars, kelp and oestrogen and may not be suitable for: diabetics, pregnant women, those with thyroid conditions or with a sensitivity to oestrogen. For complete health we recommend varying your daily smoothie… try others in our range.


The Superfood Smoothie Co. consider raw cacao, ground almonds & chia seeds a perfect base for our choicest smoothie blend. With nutrient abundant, chlorella, moringa & maca we guarantee you a kick-start kapow when you drink this completely natural smoothie.

There’s nothing like getting off to the day with a boost…there’s nothing like starting the day with a guilt-free chocolate fix, for sure! And this is what we’ve created for you to enjoy, guilt free.

We’ve combined the best, most nutritiously dense food powders into the most flavoursome smoothie blend we know.
Whilst some blends are indeed tasty, many of them contain ingredients we don’t think are suitable for the label Superfood Smoothie.

Cacao Kapow scores high in complete vegetable proteins: iron, fibre, vitamins E and A from nature’s amazing ingredients like moringa leaf powder, kelp, maca and chlorella.

All of these ingredients are carefully sourced and tested for purity, which can’t be said for all superfoods on the open market.

You can trust us to never sink low when we source ingredients. We’ve designed these affordable smoothies so you can stay satisfied and nourished on natural foods. We like to think that you’ll feel satisfied till lunchtime if you drink Cacao Kapow.

We’d also like to invite you to drink your smoothie  slowly. There are many reasons to do this. You can find a great blog post on eating and drinking slowly here.

And all you need do is add milk and two heaped tablespoons of ingredients to your blender and whizz till creamy.

If you’d like to try our smoothies you can always come to St. Albans’ historic charter market where you can explore and shop for a wide range of high quality produce; whether it’s food, clothes or gifts, come shop with one of range of amazing superfood smoothies in your hand!


Nutrition Facts
8 servings per container
Serving size 40g

All amounts given are per serving
% Daily Value*
Energy 160kcal 8%
Fat 7.1g 11%
of which
saturates 1.0g 5%
mono-unsaturates 3.5g -
poly-unsaturates 1.9g -
Carbohydrates 18g 6%
of which
sugars 8.0g 9%
Fibre 4.4g 18%
Protein 8.0g 16%
Salt 0.01g 1%

Significant Vitamins
Vitamin A 114mcg 15%
Vitamin B2 0.26mg 20%
Vitamin B3 2.1mg 14%
Vitamin C 6.5mg 9%
Vitamin E 2.6mg 22%

Significant Minerals
Copper 0.57mg 57%
Iron 4.0mg 29%
Magnesium 39mg 11%
Manganese 0.70mg 35%
Phosphorus 237mg 34%
Potassium 236mg 12%
Zinc 1.8mg 18%

The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a healthy daily diet and are calculated using the current Reference Daily Allowance (RDA) values from UK government.



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