Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate Pistachios



Smooth flavoursome Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate Pistachios for a balance of bitter and sweet. This can be enjoyed as a yummy snack and or added to your favorite dessert to introduce a crunch.

Pistachios are amazing for improving gut health and help to boost protection against cardiovascular disease. For our vegetarian and vegan customers these yummy snacks are perfect for you as they also pack a lot of protein, which s vital for your diet. And, so, whilst they are covered in chocolate, life’s a balance, right!? Eat sparingly and enjoy!

Other than our cocoa-dusted dark chocolate pistachios why not try our other chocolates. We’re proud to maintain the highest of standards by using a supplier who chooses single-origin Columbian chocolate of the highest “Cacao Fino De Aroma” standard, which is both ethically and environmentally sourced.


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