Crystalised Papaya Pieces



Our quality crystalised papaya pieces add amazing flavour to cakes and muesli. This preserved exotic fruit has been grown in hot sub-tropical Thailand, carefully processed and dried so that the flavours are optimised.

Papaya has a mellow tropical flavour that combines well with other tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and banana.

Beyond a tropical fruit cake, add crystalised papaya pieces to an avocado and banana salad: Simply slice a ripe banana and avocado, add a squeeze of lime juice and top it with the papaya pieces. Serve with a spoon of yogurt with cinnamon in for a delicious East African inspired fruit salad. It would be a great palette cleanser before a masala dosa made with fermented teff flour pancakes.

Though our papaya is sugared, if you lead an active lifestyle without excess, and if you don’t have diabetes, a few of these pieces will add sunshine to your food. We all need food to improve our mood, especially if it digests easily and we eliminate any waste efficiently. Read more about eating well in Pat’s Blog. You’ll find useful information about what foods are best to eat and how to eat them.

The papaya tree lives for about 4-5 years before its fruiting production decreases. In traditional cultivation there are both male pollinator and female trees whose flowers are pollinated by moths at night.



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