Damiana Leaf Herbal Tea 37.5g

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Turnera diffusa


Testosteromimetic, mild laxative, nervous restorative, tonic

Low libido, urinary and vaginal infections, menstrual problems, headaches, depression.

Do not take if pregnant. Use with caution if you have diabetes and hypoglycaemia.



Damiana is a relatively small, woody shrub that grows in Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. It blossoms in early to late summer and is followed by fruits that taste similar to figs. Historically the leaf and stem where used as an aphrodisiac.


Damiana has can mimic testosterone and can enhance functions related to the reproductive system, especially in the male; also a mild laxative and a nervous restorative. It has been used to treat low libido, especially with a strong psychological or emotional element; depression and debilitated states in both sexes; headaches; constipation and for the treatment of urinary and vaginal infections and menstrual problems. In combination with other tonic herbs it also makes a good tonic tea.


Damiana has demonstrated mild hypoglycaemic effects in animals. Persons with diabetes and hypoglycaemia should use this plant with caution, as blood sugar levels should be monitored accordingly for this possible effect. Damiana has a traditional use as an abortive and should not be taken during pregnancy.

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Do not drink to excess. .

An important note about Allergens

While we do everything we can to avoid cross contamination, all Eat Wholefood branded products are packed and stored in an area which has the following allergens: sesame, soya, nuts, peanuts, wheat, celery seeds and mustard. So, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that Eat Wholefood branded products contain none of these allergens.


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