Dried Mint

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You will recognise mint immediately for the freshness it brings to dishes like yogurty Greek tzadziki, Indian raita & traditional mint sauce. It complements the flavours of chicken, pork & veal, as well as lamb. Sprinkle it on freshly cooked & buttered new potatoes! If you enjoy experimenting with seasonings, try adding just a little mint to other dishes. It seems to complement many other herbs as you will see if you make stuffed vine leaves, Middle Eastern tagines or stir-fried vegetables.

1 review for Mint

  1. Bliss

    I used to think that dried herbs were about as nutritious as green coloured sawdust. For most of the time they tasted little better. Then I discovered Eat Wholefood’s herbs. I swear this mint is more tasty than the fresh mint I pick from the garden, but of course is there all year round. It zings straight out of the pack … you really couldn’t get better.

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