Greenspeed by Ecover Crystal Liquid Dishwashing Liquid (REFILL - CLICK AND COLLECT ONLY) 500ml


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Crystal Liquid is an ecological, strongly alkaline dishwasher detergent for professional use.

  • Powerful degreasing
  • Cleans hygienically
  • For automatic dosing machines
  • Safe to use in industrial and semi-industrial machines
  • Does not contain any colouring agents or perfumes.
This product is formulated for high cleaning performance with soft to medium-hard water.
Crystal Liquid can be used in single-tank and tunnel dishwashers.
This product contains a combination of strongly alkaline ingredients and a readily degradable limescale remover for rapid removal of all food residues such as proteins, starches and fats.
It prevents limescale deposits in the machine when used at the proper dosing level.
Crystal Liquid can also be used in the food industry for CIP applications.
Keep Crystal Liquid in a frost-free location.


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