Organic Walnut Pieces


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Eat organic walnut pieces. They help keep us well. Fact.

These organic walnut pieces freshly packed nuggets of protein, HDLs, fibre and taste are perfect to add to a nutritious muesli: porridge, cakes, biscuits, snack boxes, smoothies…they are the freshest we can buy and so don’t have that bitterness lesser quality products do. These organic walnut pieces come from Romania. They’re stored in ideal conditions and processed quickly and efficiently in order to retain their freshness, something larger chains cannot achieve.

Organic walnute HDL – high density lipoproteins – are the fats that LOWER cholesterol. One study helped lower the cholesterol of diabetic patients.

Walnuts have omega 3 oils. These are the oils that protect our heart. This means that if you eat walnuts you are less likely to have heart issues. Moderate outdoor exercise, drinking fresh water and having chia seeds in your diet can also help.

The walnut tree grows in temperate climates and takes about 4-7 years till it bears fruit. With the amount of grey squirrels in Britain, we have difficulty cultivating walnuts. Pressure on resources makes supporting European farmers more viable.

Though not quite as sweet as our Californian walnuts, all walnuts are cultivars of the black walnut and English walnut (originally from Persia). Though the black walnut is hard to harvest, when crossed with other varieties the shell must come away more easily.

Our £5 bag has about 10 portions in there. For 50 pence per portion, this surely rivals health care insurance!


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