Golden Linseed (Flaxseed)



Golden linseed (flax) are nutty yet pleasantly sweet in taste. Ground seeds are a great addition as toppings in yogurt, desserts, shakes, cereal based dishes and used in biscuits and cakes. Golden linseed (flax) are an excellent source of numerous health-benefiting nutrients, dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. Linseeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Used regularly in our diets they help maintain essential regularity.

What is the difference between linseed and flax? Nothing! Flax is the name given in America. The plant is used for linen, a soft, strong material. There is a great benefit to the environment in eating linseed as the whole plant is used and crops require little or no chemical sprays to protect from insects nor fertilisers.

I grind linseed in a blender and use them for all cooking, including pancakes, cakes and this delicious warming winter sweet bake – Buckwheat and Apple bake.

It is important to note that linseeds are a great soluble fibre and are excellent for our gut flora. A healthy biota (gut flora) produces vitamins and vital nutrients for our immune system. In fact, the basis of our immune system may well rely on a good gut flora to thrive.




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