Muesli & Date Handcrafted Loaf (local delivery or collection only)


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This scrumptious loaf is hand-made and freshly baked in Marshalswick, St Albans, just for you by The Twilight Baker on the morning of your delivery. Made with organic wholemeal spelt and wheat flours, muesli and marbled with dates, it is a wholesome loaf with a natural sweetness. It’s perfect with salted butter as a mid-morning snack.

Why Add Spelt

The Twilight Baker adds organic wholemeal spelt flour because it contains more vitamins and minerals and less gluten compared to white wheat flour.

Organic Flours

Most commercially produced flours contain chemicals and additives which aren’t healthy for us, therefore all of The Twilight Baker’s products are made with organically sourced flour from eatwholefoods. The grains in these flours have been grown without weedkillers like glyphosate, which can be harmful to soil and crop health. As a result, organic crops are healthier for us and for our environment.

No Additives

At The Twilight Bakery, they add no preservatives or additives to any of their products because, put simply, quality fresh produce doesn’t need it. This is food in its truest form.

The small loaf is approx 400g, the large loaf is approx 800g. Suitable for home-freezing.


Only available for delivery on TUESDAY. Please order by 10pm the previous day, it’ll be delivered next day by midday, unless otherwise discussed.


sunflower oil, honey, organic white bread flour, organic wholemeal spelt flour, muesli no sugar, skimmed milk powder, salt, fresh yeast, dates


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