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Hazelnuts are a delicious nut that can be used for mueslis, biscuits, cakes (roasting and grinding them produces a wonderful flavour for meringues), savoury dishes and simply as a snack. They contain plenty of calories in the form of monosaturated fats. Good news for active people! And for those who want to boost their omega oil intake as they have a great ratio of HDL to LDL fats. They are also high in folates, dietary fibre, vitamin E, B vitamins and are gluten free.

Grown in large quantities in Turkey and Eastern Europe (where grey squirrels didn’t make it), they are a staple for many, but have become more prized since demand has increased and the crop failure of 2014. But we’ll still provide the best quality at an affordable price.

It’s easy to roast hazelnuts.
Here’s a succulent and healthy recipe that is simple to make. It’s one that help keep healthy eating easy.

The hazelnut tree has an interesting history. Used for its wood in the past, it was a main crop for many European wood workers as its branches grow straight. Hence why we have so many coppices around northern Europe. It produces small, red flowers in spring that are really difficult to see. But look closely at them and you’ll find beauty in the delicate petals.
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Hazelnuts are considered a sustainable crop, as they yield good crops with less water and enable the land to be maintained more easily. To read more about why sustainability is important for us please visit Pat’s Blog. Your comments will always be welcome.

If you’d like better value, buy our kilo bags of hazelnuts. Good value and great quality, as you’d expect from the Eat Wholefoods team.

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  1. Larry Bethany

    Until I tried these, I thought I didn’t like hazels. But through years of being a customer, they are the freshest I’ve found, which really makes an incredibly delicious fiberyness come through.

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