Hodmedods Marrowfat Peas 500g


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Organic Marrowfat Peas are perfect for classic mushy peas but also fantastic in soups, dips and casseroles. Marrowfat peas make the best mushy peas but are also great for dips, salads and even crunchy snacks. They pair very well with wasabi or horseradish.Or if you can’t bear the wait, just snack on them with a pinch of salt. These peas are perfect all-rounders, that are… well, all round.
A bag of beans and a little curiosity may sound like the start of a fairytale but Hodmedod’s success is no fantasy. They source peas, beans, lentils and other pulses from British farms, encouraging a new diversity of crops to return to the country. The breadth of their range stretches from half-forgotten Iron Age fava beans to lentils grown in cutting edge agro-forests. With crops more readily available close to home, Hodmedod’s are shrinking food miles down with every bean


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