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This eco kitchen starter set has been designed by Jefferson Crafts as a great little starter set for those who are just starting their eco journey.

This set comes with a medium bowl cover which covers a bowl or plate 21cm diameter. These are great for replacing clingfilm and can keep food in the fridge for up to three days. they are also great for baking bread and keeping flies off your food.

A Medium wax wrap which is approximately 26cm x 26cm. this is also another alternative to clingfilm which you can use to cover bowls and jars but also wrap food up to keep it fresh and take out with you.

A dishcloth which is approximately 21.5cm x 19.5cm. The dishcloth has built in scrub meaning when wiping down the sides and there are tough patches to clean you can give it a good scrub.This dishcloth is also reusable meaning you can put it into the washing machine to clean it or it can be boiled to sterilse it.

Lastly the set is completed with a jute pan scrubber which is approximately 11.5cm x 9.5cm. the jute pan scrubber is great replacement to a sponge or plastic scrubber. It can be used on nonstick pans without scratching them and is naturally antibacterial meaning it does not require any special cleaning.


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