Jefferson Crafts Vegan Wax Wrap set 3 100g


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These Vegan wax wraps have been made in St.Albans Uk by Jefferson Crafts. this pack is made up of three different wax wraps a small 20cmx20cm a medium 26cmx26cm and a large 30cmx30cm.

These wax wraps have been made with a special mix of soya wax, jojoba oil and pine rosin. The soya wax makes it the wax wrap, the jojoba oil is for antibacterial purposes and the pine rosin to make it tacky so that it behaves more like clingfilm. Wax wraps are a great replacement to clingfilm and better for the environment.

These wax wraps can be easily cleaned by either wiping them over with a dishcloth or running them under a cold tap. the life span of a wax wrap is about 12 months if you are using it every day. When a wax wrap is looking a bit worn you can revive it by putting it in the oven at 100c for 2 minutes. At the end of a wax wraps life it can be put into the compost bin.

These wax wrap have a bird box print on them. These are suitable for vegans as beeswax ones are not suitable for vegans due to the harm of bees.


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