Yerba Mate Tea (also known as Matte Tea)

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Yerba Mate Leaf Tea

The Yerba Mate Plant
Yerba Mate Plant

Also called Matte/Maté
Ilex paraguariensis


Mild stimulant, relaxant, tonic, laxative

Mental and physical tiredness, CFS, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, improving mood, depression, diabetes; high cholesterol, osteoporosis, headaches and joint pain, urinary tract infections, bladder and kidney stones; weight loss, laxative, over eating

Avoid if pregnant, breast-feeding, are under 14 years of age or have one of a range of medical conditions (see below).



Yerba mate is made from the dried leaves of the yerba mate tree that can grow up to 15m tall and is native to S. America. In S. America the native population has consumed it for medicinal purposes, for hundreds of years.


Yerba mate tea has been taken for a range of conditions including: to relieve mental and physical tiredness (fatigue); chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS); heart-related complaints including heart failure, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure; to improve mood and depression; for diabetes; high cholesterol; weak bones (osteoporosis); to relieve headache and joint pains; to treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), and bladder and kidney stones; for weight loss; as a laxative and to help induce a restful sleep. Yerba mate promotes a balanced immune system & helps to curb appetite.

Yerba mate is a stimulant with a twist: It produces natural energy, stimulating the body, yet it contains a substance that relaxes the body so that it does not interfere with sleep. It gives you a small caffeine hit whilst also relaxing your muscles. It is recommended that you drink only one cup per day. Combine it with other stimulating teas, like green tea, for maximum effect!


Do not take if pregnant, breast-feeding, you have a heart conditions, diabetes, diarrhoea, I.B.S., glaucoma, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. It should also be avoided if you are an alcoholic, smoke, are sensitive to caffeine or are a child under 14.

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  1. Larry Bethany

    This is a beautiful tea, delicious. I’m very sensitive to caffiene; even green tea is too jagged for me, but this Matte tea gives me a very really nice lift without being edgy. And if you leave it to steep, it gets a very herby dark green colour.

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