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Nori is a dried edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine, made from certain seaweeds (Pyropia). Nori has a strong and distinctive flavor, and is often used to wrap rolls of sushi or onigiri (balls of rice made, the rice made in a Japanese style).

Nori sea vegetable is farmed and produced using traditional methods in Kyushu, Japan. While some varieties of sea vegetables such as hijiki, arame and dulse are harvested from the wild using sustainable practices, others such as nori are extensively cultivated in Japan and other East Asian countries.

However, this style of seaweed preparation comes from Wales! at least, that’s what I heard through the internet…

Although originally gathered wild, Pyropia has been cultivated in Japan for over 300 years. Nets made of woven rope impregnated with Pyropia spores are suspended each year between long bamboo poles set deep into the calm, shallow bays. The height of each net is carefully set so that it remains above the water level during low tide, giving the growing nori maximum sunlight, but below the water level, so the plants receive a regular washing, at high tide.

During the colder months, the delicate Pyropia plants will grow until they cover the entire net. In late winter they are harvested and brought ashore, where they are washed, cut, made into thin sheets and dried. Gentle toasting of the seaweed sheets transforms them into translucent lighter green, crispy sheets with a delicious nutty flavour, proof of its excellent quality.
Sushi Nori is ready toasted and can be used straight from the pack as a snack or for wrapping sushi.

With its fine, even texture and translucent, deep green colour, go ahead and start wrapping things up. It’s an elegant way to prepare and serve food.

Whilst it may be odd to start using seaweed in your cooking, once you get the hang of it using seaweed can improve the flavour and nutrition of your foods.

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Try our other seaweeds when you cook rice, Thai or Japanese dishes.




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