Assam Bukhail Black Tea (Second Flush)


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This organic Assam black tea is smooth, rich and clean. Brew at 95˚C for about 3 minutes and add milk to drink. Lovely drunk for breakfast, this high grade tea has a memorable aftertaste and will help focus your mind and stimulate your body.

With careful pruning of the tea plant, a crop of tea becomes one grown for quality. The Assam region produces some of the world’s most refined teas, known for their bright, malty flavours and strong colours. If you’d like a variety of Assam tea only found in quality tea purveyor’s stores, try our white Mothola tea.

It is from the Assam region that tea was examined and first classified. One reason for this is that Assam is one of two places, after a region in Southern China, that the tea plant first grew wild.

The leaves are generally picked in two harvests of the year. The first flush is robust and strong, whilst the second is regarded as sweeter and more delicate.


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