Organic Sun-dried Mango

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These honey-sweet strips of dried organic mango are delicious. They will melt in your mouth and the tropical sun will help you feel distinctly exotic! Loaded with vitamins A, C and E plus fiber, potassium and antioxidants, mangoes are a useful wholefood to have in the store cupboard.

Organic mangoes also contain a natural stomach-soothing enzyme. Add to muesli or porridge on winter’s mornings for the sunshine inside.
They are a great snack to have with you on your busy day. Or your day off for that matter as they’re great to share.

Mangoes are cultivated in the sub-tropical regions of the world. Ours come from Burkina Faso and are an important crop for local income through the Mango Mama label. Their evergreen quality mean that there is often an abundance of fruit to share. We like to keep the sunshine inside here at Eat Wholefoods. Buying a kilo at a time seems reasonable when this mango is this good for you.


1 review for Organic Sun-dried Mango

  1. Robyn Stuart

    When you are looking for that special something, to fill that little empty space inside, that is not too heavy and makes you feel not only satisfied desert / or treat wise, but also so very happily healthy, then you cannot go past these sumptuously tasty mangoes. Yum, yum, yum!

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