Organic Raw Cacao Powder

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Raw cacao powder is packed with minerals and is very uplifting because of theobromine, a caffeine-like chemical; the one that in chocolate makes us go mmmmmmmm. So, go easy on raw cacao. Enjoy in moderation in smoothies, raw desserts, biscuits, even sprinkled into porridge or muesli first thing in the morning. I do this and can convince myself that I can go the morning without a coffee. And it often works!

2 reviews for Raw Cacao Powder – Organic

  1. Jodie

    This is honestly the best-flavoured cacao powder I’ve tried. I use it in homemade chocolates (sometimes mixed with the carob powder), in smoothies, general baking, hot choc, sprinkled over chia pudding or cereal…

  2. Patrick Jeavons

    A really clean cacao. I think he said it was Criolla cacao. Is this right?

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