Organic Maple Syrup from Vermont 1L


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Which sweet-toothed person doesn’t like maple syrup?

Organic Vertmont maple syrup is perfect for sweetening smoothies or raw cacao recipes like this Raw Avocado Mousse
Perfect for pancakes using buckwheat flour, and they are so easy to make (recipe will come to the site soon!)

This is the best value certified organic Vermont maple syrup on the market. Its grade 3 amber, sweet and perfect as a replacement for sugars, as the process of creating maple syrup retains its high mineral content.

Maple syrup is the reduction of sap from the maple tree. It takes 43-83 gallons of sap to make one gallon – about 4.54 litres makes one gallon (that’s if my American/English sums are right) – of sweet syrup. One producer can collect 12,000 gallons of sap in one day. Over a 2 1/2 month collection – as maple sap is collected only in spring – that adds up to 4,084,000 litres of sap!

Canada is the world’s largest maker of maple syrup. Over 30 million kilograms is made every year. If one litre of maple syrup weighs 1.32 kilograms, then the amount of sap tapped per year amounts to a staggering 1,841,424,000…nearly 2 billion litres of sap. That’s incredible!

Maple syrup is used for cakes, biscuits and pancakes.
But our favourite use is to sweeten a raw cacao smoothie.

We also stock the smaller jars of 250 grams.

Still, maple syrup is sugar and sometimes we struggle with cravings and addictions. With a wealth of experience and understanding of being human, read more about health tips and advice on Pat’s Blog, go here


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