Ras El Hanout Moroccan Spice Blend


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Ras el Hanout literally translated means king of spice, or top-of-the-shop.

A ras el hanout blend would be combined by the spice seller to their own personal preference and sold as the best of their shop. Unfortunately costs and time limit what I can do myself, so we have a perfectly good combination of spices that taste great with slow cooked meats such as chicken, lamb and beef. Marinating them first will help combine the flavours even further.

Our quality blend includes rose petals.

We’ve many other authentic taste-bud tantalising blends: Barbeque seasoning, Cajun spices, Chinese 5 spice, Za’atar, Thai stir-fry herbs, Red Thai spices…something for every style of cooking maybe.

With their skilled handling of vegetables Moroccan cuisine is a great one to emulate when cooking from scratch.


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