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Raw Hertfordshire honey straight from the hives on the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire. One of my favourite places there is a wildflower meadow called Aldbury Nowers.

It’s been found that local raw Hertfordshire honey, and the honey local to you*, can help with the prevention of hay fever. It isn’t a cure, and I’d recommend eating honey from January/February, a teaspoon on an empty stomach stirred into warm water is my favourite way.

This theory goes some way to explain how eating raw Hertfordshire honey that after repeated ingestion on an empty stomach the body begins to recognise pollen as not being a threat. This reduces the severity of the reaction to pollens. However like

*It’s important to recognise that plants in Britain are ubiquitous. i.e. You’ll find the same pollinating plants all over the country: Blackberry, Linden, Oilseed Rape, Apple…However, there are areas which there are large areas of growing borage or heather. These are the two major different honeys you will find around the country. That, and orchard – tree fruit flowers like apple and pear.

It’s great to eat honey with hot tea or with porridge. MMmmmm, yumyum!




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