Sanchi Genmai Miso Paste 300g


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Miso genmai is a fermented food and like sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi and kombucha support most people’s gut flora. Also known both as our biome and micro-biota, the complex chemicals formed when foods are fermented feed our biome. They in turn process these chemicals into B vitamins and vitamin K (

Made with organic rice and soya beans Sanchi’s genmai miso is slightly sweeter than mugi miso which is nuttier. It’s nourishing qualities as a stock are not to be missed out on when cooking soups, stews and casseroles! It can also be added to a salad dressing when you’d like a salty punch to your foods.
But sweeter still, and used for a vegan faux gras, white miso has an amazing ability to lend both sweet and the umami quality of savoury.


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