Tamari Soya Sauce 300g

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This is a blend of soya sauce from the master Japanese food makers, Sanchi. Full flavoured, rich and satisfying, our tamari soya sauce can be used in many ways, in many dishes including salad dressings. Maybe even use it if you make you own Japanese food.

The recipe above is a perfect example of how using a combination of whole-grains you can make the most nutritious meals.

1 review for Tamari Soya Sauce

  1. Bliss

    For those of you who think the soy sauce you get in supermarkets is original think again. This is the real McCoy! Fermented like a good wine and rich in vitamins and minerals… none of that weak wishy-washy stuff coloured with burnt sugar here. And at a really good price taboot… couldn’t recommend this high enough.

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