Moving Mountains- Plant Based 1/4LB Sausage Burger 350g


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The Moving Mountains® No-Pork Vegan 1/4lb Sausage Burger is a succulent plant-based burger that makes a mouth-watering and unique meal. Try this versatile plant-based sausage burger for a hearty breakfast or lunch and even a delicious dinner.
100% free of hormones, antibiotics, & GMO ingredients
Certified vegan by The Vegan Society
What makes Moving Mountains Vegan 1/4lb Sausage Burger special?:

• 3-star Great Taste Award winner
• Generates less greenhouse gas emissions and requires less resources to make (compared to pork burger of the same weight)
• Packed with plant protein & natural ingredients
• Contains zero cholesterol
• 100% plastic free & recyclable retail packaging
• Selling in the frozen section helps reduce food wastage

Similarly to the Sausage Burger we also sell a few more of the Moving Mountains products they include the Plant based sausages and the Plant based beef tender strips. These, like the sausage burger are amazing and flavorsome, they are the perfect substitute for our vegan and veggie folk out there.


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