Dark Chocolate Ginger



Do you like chocolate? Or crystalised ginger? If you do, or even if you sort of do, you will find these vegan dark chocolate ginger  so satisfying! A couple of chunks of our vegan dark chocolate ginger is well on the way to the sweet peak of satisfaction. (Okay, so maybe by the third you will have reached it!)

I encourage to sit, eat, chew well and enjoy! They are the quality that your body will digest better when you’re relaxed. But life ain’t a beach. So you can wander with a pack of these in your bag and you can keep the Sunshine Inside!

The crystalised ginger root might help boost digestion, though the sugars may well not.

If you like our chocolates why not try more from our range, even mix and match three bags for £5: Other than these vegan dark chocolates almonds we have are the dark chocolate pistachio , dark chocolate raisins and blueberries.


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