Vegan Elderflower & Lemon Artisan Loaf (local delivery or collection only) 750g


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This light and springy sponge is baked to order by our baker, The Twilight Baker in Marshalswick, St. Albans on the day of your delivery. It’s bursting with summer vibes thanks to zested lemon and her homemade elderflower cordial. It’s a gorgeous cake for a sunny afternoon. Enjoy it with a glass of iced cordial or even Pimms. It’s also vegan, although you wouldn’t know it.

Organic Flours

Most flours contain residues which aren’t healthy for us. However, The Twilight Baker uses only our organic flours which are produced without glyphosate, a common weedkiller which can be harmful to soil and crop health. As a result, organically farmed crops are much more resilient, present a stronger crop and contribute to a healthier environment.

Also, The Twilight Baker, adds no additives, such as preservatives, because when quality food is as fresh as this it simply doesn’t need it. This is food in its truest form.

This hand finished product is suitable for home-freezing.


Only available for delivery on TUESDAY. Please order by 10pm the previous day, it’ll be delivered next day by midday, unless otherwise discussed.


Organic plain flour, baking powder, caster sugar, almond milk, veg oil, lemon, elderflower


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