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Yummy Spiced Apple Buckwheat Bake
Well lookie here! I had been saying for over a year now that I really needed to change the site
Vibrant Carrot Salad
This is a yummy and refreshing salad just for those summer months. Vibrant Carrot Salad This is a yummy and
This is a classic dish, inspired by Wendy Cook's marvelous recipe from her original book, "The Biodynamic Cookbook". It's a
I’m SO EXCITED to share this recipe with you guys! I present you the most astonishing vegan foie gras, taste
Takes 25 minutes Serves 3 hungry people Ingredients: 10 Garlic Cloves 250g Button Mushrooms 1 Green Pepper 1/3 cup extra
Tasty Avacado on Toast Here’s a simple recipe when one is looking for a quick snack with a healthy bread
It's warm now. The first flush of spring flowers is over. Apples are growing plumper, though it's been a cold
Simple Bone Warmin' Pumpkin Soup There’s nothing better for warming the bones as winter takes hold than nourishing pumpkin soup.
Warming Winter Lentil Salad
The new year has begun, people make resolutions, to eat healthy, start clean and fresh, a new beginning, a new
This is a perfectly indulgent dish made with simple ingredients. It takes only moments to make. However saturated this is,