Zero Waste Refill service.

Bring your Jars – We Refill them – No waste!

Concerned about plastic packaging and want to reduce, reuse and recycle as much packaging as you can. Our refill service allows you to bring your jars, containers and bags in to our shop and have them refilled with whatever loose bulk products we have in stock on the day.

With more people concerned about plastic in the environment we had been getting a steady stream of requests from people for a refill service.


Most of our packaging is made from trees and biodegrades.

Our company started trading over 40 years ago, but even as long ago as the late eighties we became concerned about the rise in the amount of plastic packaging used in food retailing. So in 1990 we started using cellophane bags which are made from wood pulp and biodegrade when buried.

Leave no trace – so the saying goes. We’ll just continue to trade doing the best we can for you, the environment and the future, always with Sunshine Inside™.